This section is designed to help you with any questions you may have.

Q: How do I find my local branch?

A: All of our branch details are listed in the Branch contacts section of the website.

Q: Can I buy satchels and tickets if I don't have an account?

A: Yes. You can buy our products directly from any of our branches. Check the Branch contacts section of the website for details of your local branch. However if you are a regular cash sales customer you can benefit by opening an account with us.

Q: How do I open an account with Castle Parcels?

A: You can either do this by filling in the account application form or by contacting a Castle Parcels Sales Representative at your local branch and we will be able to discuss your business requirements with you.

Q: How do I order product?

A: You can order online, or phone your local branch to discuss your requirements.

Q: If I book a courier using either the internet or Autobook, how long will it take for them to come and pick up my parcel?

A: Our couriers will pick up your parcel during their next cycle, usually within 2 – 3 hours of your booking, during normal business hours. Please contact your local branch to confirm the service standard for a pickup from your business.

Q: Can I get an item picked up from another address and charged to my address?

A: Yes, fill in the Freight Forward Form and fax to Customer Services in Auckland on 09 525 5800

Q: Which ticket should I use for my item?

A: The type of ticket depends on where your item is going. Your
Branch Ticketing Guide will tell you which ticket to use.

Q: How many tickets do I use on my parcel?

A: The number of tickets required is determined by the weight and size of your parcel (whichever is greater). Our Ticketing Guidelines will help you calculate the size of your parcel and tell you how many tickets you need to use.

Q: What are the maximum weights/dimensions I can send? How do I measure the item?

A: The maximum weight per item is 25kgs. The maximum length is 1.8 meters. Our Ticketing Guidelines will help you to calculate the size of your parcel.

Q: Where is my parcel / item?

A: You can use our Track and Trace function to find out if your item has been delivered. To use Track and Trace you will need to know the Ticket Code and the Ticket number. Both tickets and satchels have a unique reference number for you to keep for your records. If you have not kept the reference portion of your ticket then you will need to contact your local branch and a Customer Service Representative will be able to assist you.

If you are unsure as to which number to enter, please take a close look at the image on the right:

yellow icon The Code highlighted in yellow is the ticket product code. For the label on the right it is N125.

red icon The number highlighted in red is the ticket number. For the label on the right it is 03728987.

tip ticket
Q: Do you have a list of items that you can't carry?

A: Yes, Castle Parcels has a list of Dangerous Goods which give details of goods we are and are not able to carry.

Q: What happens if my parcel goes missing or is damaged in transit?

A: In the unlikely event that this does occur please contact your local branch and a Customer Service Representative will be able to assist you. Please ensure that you have your unique ticket reference number.

Q: Are my items insured?

A: Provided that your item complies with our conditions of carriage and dangerous goods policy, in most cases you will have insurance cover. The amount of this varies depends on what ticket you have used. For further information please contact your local branch.

Q: What happens if I send something and no one is there to receive it?

A: Castle Parcels policy is that no items should be delivered if the premises are unattended. If this occurs the courier will leave a 'card left' at the address detailing when the delivery was attempted and the ticket number. You then need to call your local branch to arrange redelivery or pick up of the item.

If you think that there will be no one at the address to accept delivery of the item, and you are happy for it to be left without a signature being obtained as proof of delivery please download the authority to leave form, fill this in and fax to your local Castle Parcels branch.

Q: What are Castle Parcel's Terms and Conditions of Carriage?

A: Click here to view our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Q: I have forgotten my PIN number. What do I do?

A: If you have lost or forgotten your Automated Booking Number simply
contact your local branch. We will either email you immediately for identity verification, or call you directly by phone. You will have your PIN number again soon.

You can still book your courier through an operator by calling your local branch.

Q: Do you have a fuel surcharge?

A: We apply a Variable Fuel Factor (VFF) to our rates, which will rise and fall inline with diesel pump prices. More information about the current VFF can be found here.

Q: I don't think the pick up address you have on your database is correct, what do I do?

A: If you want to check your details, contact your local branch

Q: How can I find out more about Castle Parcels?

A: If you would like a representative to call or you would like an indicative idea of how much it will cost you to use Castle Parcels, please complete the online sales enquiry form and we will contact you within a few days.