Loss or damage guidelines

Tracking your item

If you need to query the delivery status of your consignment, you can confirm via track and trace, or call your local branch. Remember to have your ticket or CastlePack number ready.

*Note that we have no facility to trace a missing contract bag, therefore it is imperative that you ensure the address label is clear and has been turned over to show the receivers address before it is collected.

Missing or damaged items

Phone our customer services centre and tell the representative the following:

  • The ticket number for your consignment
  • Receiver details
  • Details of the contents, packaging and value of item
  • If an item is missing, we will provide you with regular progress reports until the item is located.
  • In the unlikely event that your item cannot be located or it has been damaged in transit, you are entitled to submit a claim.

How to Make a Claim


Once we have been informed that a consignment has not been delivered, a POD (proof of delivery) will be undertaken, followed by a national depot search. If the consignment has not been found, and you have notified us within the valid timeframe, the query will be forwarded to the Claims Department. You must notify us of a potential loss claim within 14 days of the despatch of the item.


Once we have been informed that a consignment has been damaged, the goods will be collected from your customer and we will assess if the goods are salvageable or can be repaired. If the goods are salvageable / repairable, they will be returned to you for assessment. Once this has been completed, the query will be sent to the Claims Department. You must notify us of a potential damage claim within 7 days of despatch of the item.

The claims process

Once a query has been investigated and cannot be resolved, an email with an online claim link will be sent asking you to lodge a claim online and supply Castle Parcels with the following information:

  • A copy of the invoice the goods travelled on
  • An invoice to Castle Parcels charging us the cost price replacement for the goods on claim.
  • If the value of the consignment is over $250, the intended recipient of the goods will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration

The sooner we receive this information, the sooner the claim can be assessed. You have 7 days to return this information, or the claim will be declined.