Ticketing guidelines

Our ticketing system allows you to send items nationwide. Which ticket to select and how many to use will depend upon the destination, weight and size of your item. The following information is intended as a guide only. If you are unsure, please contact your local branch.

Which ticket do I need?

We offer a range of tickets and what ticket you use depends on the destination of your item. Your local Ticket Reference Guides will help you determine which ticket to use.


Our service standard is to provide signatures with every delivery. If you do not require this, please download the Authority to Leave form and fax to your local branch.

How many tickets do I need?

  • It may be necessary to attach more than one ticket to your item depending on the weight or size and also the destination.
  • As a basic guideline, local deliveries will be accepted up to 25kg or 0.125m3 per item and will require one local ticket.
  • For all other deliveries (ie inter city, inter island), the rule of thumb is one ticket per 5kgs or 0.025 m3, whichever is the greater.
  • Use the formulas below to calculate the size of your item.

How to Calculate Size

Use the following calculation
A x B x C = m3
e.g. 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.5 = 0.045m3

Use the following calculation
A x A x C = m3
e.g. 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.5 = 0.045m3

Rural Deliveries

Castle Parcels have the ability to deliver to rural addresses nationwide. To send an item to a rural address, simply place a rural ticket on your Castle Pack or ticketed item. This is in addition to our standard base tickets.

Rural tickets can be pre purchased and are available in books of 10. Alternatively we can charge the rural portion to your account on pick up.

Contact your local branch if you are unsure if your destination is rural or not.

Signatures may not be available for rural addresses. Rural deliveries may take an additional 24-48 hours.

Residential Delivery Zones

A residential delivery zone is defined by Castle Parcels as a an area of low delivery density that includes, but is not limited to, residential homes, businesses operating from residential homes, and businesses that are surrounded by residential homes. Use our Address Checker to check an address now.

Residential Ticket
Castle Parcels can deliver your items to residential addresses nationwide. To send an item to a residential address simply place a residential ticket on your express pack or ticketed item along with the standard delivery ticket.

Residential tickets can be pre purchased and are available in books of 20.

Please note:

The Castle Parcels policy is that no items should be delivered if the premises are unattended. If you think that there will be no one at the address to accept delivery of the item, and you are happy for it to be left without a signature being obtained as proof of delivery please download the authority to leave form, fill this in and fax to your local Castle Parcels branch.

This authorisation form will ensure your consignment is delivered if the premises are unattended during the time of delivery and indemnifies Castle Parcels against any damage or loss.

Residential deliveries will be completed by 6pm. This service may add an additional day to our normal service standards.

Please contact your local branch or contact Customer Services on customer.services@castleparcels.co.nz.


Our first priority is the delivery of your freight.

Should any item have insufficient tickets, for weight or cube, we reserve the right to apply additional charges to cover the cost of sending the item, if we consider it to be short paid. We will endeavour, in most cases, to ensure our service standard is not compromised and that the item reaches its destination within our standard delivery times. The rates charged for this procedure may differ from specific customer charges and may incur an administration fee for the processing involved and time taken to complete.


Manifest underdeclaration is where an item, or a consignment, has been incorrectly declared either by weight or cube off a 'customer printed label'. This could be through one of several options; Despatch It, eDespatch, Go Sweetspot, Smartfreight or any other customer specific generated label that is used to despatch freight through the network. The rates charged for this procedure may differ from specific customer charges and may incur an administration fee for the processing involved and time taken to complete.

In addition to the underticketing, underdeclaration charges we will also apply a Variable Fuel Factor (VFF) and Road User Charges (RUC's) that are normally added to our standard charges. These charges are subject to change and can be found on the website home page under "Variable Adjustment".

Charges will be invoiced weekly and sent on a debit advice which may be either emailed or posted, this is not a tax invoice merely notification that additional charges have been applied and show up on the next invoice/statement.

We urge all customers to pay particular attention to correct ticketing and declarations to avoid the need for underticketing and underclaration charges to be applied.

Should you have any queries relating to underticketing and underdeclaration please contact your Account Manager or your local branch.