Our winning team

At Castle Parcels we know what we are good at and we get recognised year after year for our outstanding Customer Services.

We are delighted that Castle Parcels have been adjudged the best courier company contact centre at the CRM Contact Centre Awards. Since 1997, these awards have been held annually, as a means of providing a view of how well New Zealand contact centres are responding to customer enquiries over the phone and Internet. The awards are also intended to encourage constant improvement in the standards of New Zealand contact centres.

CRM Consulting grades the contestants then judges the winners after a two-month period in which they make ‘mystery calls’ and emails. The call centre operators are unaware these are not genuine enquiries.

Because companies like Castle Parcels understand the importance of providing an excellent experience for customers making an enquiry, the CRM Awards are prestigious for the winners of the various categories. This is the second time Castle Parcels has won its category (2007 being the first), and it’s pretty special for those who spend all day answering our phones and emails.