Claims Process

Castle Parcels Ltd understands that claims are an inconvenience to your business and therefore we encourage claims to be submitted via our website which is quick, easy and painless.

Our online claim form will ask for the following supporting documentation so that we can process your claim as soon as possible and with no delay:

  • A tax invoice charging Castle Parcels Ltd at the cost price invoice of the goods
  • A copy of the invoice that accompanied the goods charging the receiver/your client

For claims less than $50 including GST itÍs even easier. The above supporting documentation is not required and you only need to complete the online claim form.


Notification of any damage must be made in writing or by calling us within seven (7) days after the delivery of the goods or in the case of loss, within fourteen (14) days of the date of dispatch.

How do I initiate the first step

All enquiries for loss or damage are to be made via telephone, email or fax with our Customer Service team within the above timeframes. For damage, Castle Parcels Limited will endeavour to contact you to inform you as soon as possible.

Our Contact Centre will commence an investigation and do everything possible to locate your goods. If we are unable to locate them after that investigation, the Customer Services team will give you a query number. This query number is essential to completing your online claim form. You will not be able to submit a claim without a correct query number.

Online claim process

Once you have received a query number, you can submit your claim online (or in writing). It is important that you include the correct documents which are requested in the form and listed above. The form and documentation will be sent to our Claims Team and you will receive an auto receipt from our system via email.

Castle Parcels Limited reserves the right to decline claims at any point and you will receive a letter via email detailing the reason. If you choose not to lodge a claim within 30 days (online or in writing) we will assume that you have withdrawn the claim and no further action will be taken.


Castle Parcels Limited operates under the Carriage of Goods Act 1979 with limited carriers liability up to a maximum of $2,000 including GST for each item lost or damaged. The exception to this is if the courier tickets used are of a type which specify that any Goods carried using such tickets will be carried at "Declared Value Risk", which includes but is not restricted to the 0-3kg courier tickets, then the Company's liability for loss or damage to Goods in such case is limited to $60.00 including GST per "unit of goods" as defined in the Act.

Claims due to insufficient packaging will not be honoured. The completion of the online claim form does not constitute acceptance of liability by our Company. As already highlighted earlier, Castle Parcels Limited reserves the right to decline a claim at any period. Refer to Castle Parcels Limited Terms and Conditions for further information on exclusion of certain circumstances and items.


Castle Parcels Limited aims to resolve the majority of claims within 4 weeks but is dependent on the quality of information received and the complexity of the claim.


Claims are paid through direct credit if we have your bank account on file. Alternatively on request Castle Parcels Limited can credit your trading account or raise a cheque.

How to contact us

Please contact your local branch.