Packaging and labelling guidelines

Correctly packaging, labelling and securing your items helps us to deliver them in a timely and safe manner. These guidelines will help you to comply with our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


  • To prevent flat or paper items creasing, place them between two strong pieces of card
  • If you are sending heavier items, ensure they are securely wrapped in an inner bag or box that will retain the items in the unlikely event the satchel becomes ripped or damaged.  If you are using an inner bag or box, please ensure that the destination address is also on this.
  • Do not overload the satchels.   While they are strong, we recommend a weight limit of no more than 25kg for our xtra large satchel and 10kg for all others.
  • Do not send any Dangerous Goods in the satchels.

Outer packaging

  • Always use stable corrugated boxes with their flaps intact.
  • Avoid using boxes with structural weakness, including holes, tears or corner damage.
  • Make sure that the box is big enough to place adequate cushioning around all sides (including top and bottom).
  • If sending paint in pails and tins it is essential that the use of metal clips to fasten the lids is enforced.
  • Pails and tins must be strong enough to ensure stacking will not compromise their integrity.
  • Jerry cans and large volume plastic containers that are not protected with outer packaging may be declined any potential damage claim.
  • Use only approved packaging for Dangerous Goods items.

Internal packaging

  • Good examples of internal cushioning are: bubble wrap, shredded paper, corrugated cardboard and polystyrene nuggets.
  • Ensure all items are wrapped individually, and there is sufficient packing material between them in order to avoid product - to - product damage. Loosely packed items will move in transit and cause damage as they knock against each other.
  • Protect sharp edges with tape and padding.
  • Fragile stickers are advisable (These alone are not sufficient packaging).
  • Remember the 5/5 rule for fragile items: 5cm from the walls, base and top of the box and 5cm of cushioning around each individual item.

Seal it securely

  • Boxes must be closed securely by using two or three strips of tape on both the top and bottom of the box.
  • It is very important to use a strong packaging tape, do not use: masking tape, sticky tape, duct tape or string.
  • Tape should be a minimum of 4cm in width.

Label it correctly

  • It is important to include a contact name and phone number with the area code.
  • Ensure the item is addressed to a physical address as we do not deliver to PO Box numbers.
  • Remove all old labels and stickers from used boxes.
  • Always include a full return address and phone number on the inside of the box.
  • Ensure Dangerous Goods requirements are met.