Temporary Service Continuity Surcharge

The Temporary Service Continuity Surcharge is:

Date Temporary Service Continuity Surcharge
October 2018 0.0%
September 2018 4.0%
August 2018 6.0%
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July 2018 6.0%
December 2016 9.8%

October 2018 - UPDATE

With the Kaikoura Section of SH1 now available for use by heavy vehicles 24/7 the Temporary Service Continuity Surcharge is being removed.

December 2016

Highway closures as a result of the Kaikoura earthquakes have brought on major unexpected costs to our business in the form of significantly greater transport costs in order to maintain service standards. To help cover a portion of these unanticipated operating expenses we are introducing a temporary 9.8% surcharge to our inter island courier service charges.

Adding a surcharge was a transparent method of sharing these increased costs, and gives us the flexibility to adjust the figure accordingly based on conditions improving or worsening.

This surcharge will be operating separately from our existing Variable Fuel Factor and road user charges and be applied to the base price independently.

The temporary surcharge is designed to be removed or changed swiftly, for when the situation resolves or alters (for the better or the worse).